Wednesday, June 25, 2008

La Prima

We don't need no education!!!

This is often the attitude I witness from teachers that choose not to incorporate technology into their curriculum. This is not only unfortunate, but also a travesty to the students that are subjected to this narrow minded linear way of thinking. The OLD agrarian one room school mentality that lends itself to this is not only passe, but one of the reasons education is lacking so much now. It is my sincere belief that all people, particularly those within the educational field should view themselves as life long learners and share this mentality and passion with their students. It should also come through in their teaching so that each year constitutes fresh ideas, innovative strategies, and more appropriate contemporary learning. Long gone should be the days of the talking heads that stand at the front of the room and speak with an authoritative voice that I know everything and the best way for you to learn is to sit down, shut up, and listen. Here's to hoping that we will all be another cog in the machine and break down those walls is mediocrity and apathy.

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