Saturday, June 28, 2008

Edubloggercon 2008

Edubloggercon. WOW!! What a day!! My mind is operating in overdrive with all the ideas, discussions, thoughts, opinions, and ultimately thinking of fellow educators. These are the types of conferences or rather unconferences that I think would be more and more beneficial to the Educational field. Thus far I have learned and discovered the following things:

  1. There is a vast number of educators that are part of the Digital Revolution in education
  2. The unconference should be encouraged, implemented, demanded. It provides access to more educators without worrying about the financial constraints of a school/district
  3. Social Networking has a vital, viable, and useful application in education
  4. Since tech is ever changing and expanding it is imperative that educators have opportunities to collaborate and direct their professional development.
To all those that participated in person and virtually I personally thank you and humbly appreciate your commitment to the Digital Revolution in Education.

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